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Winter Caribbean Getaway Deals 2017

  • Sandals Ocho Rios
  • Rafting down the White River Photo Credit: Smugmug
  • Moon Palace Jamaica Grand Lagoon Pool

Top Luxury Travel Winter Getaway Deals of 2017-Caribbean Edition

The summer is over but the travel fun is really just beginning! There are plenty of great deals ripe for the picking for the ideal luxury travel getaway.

Our top pick  getaway for winter 2017 could easily read as a top luxury resort list. In fact they could very easily be one in the same, after all if you are going to travel; why not enjoy the experience in the most luxzzurious resorts around?

With these prices you will not need to compromise comfort for budget. We have outlined 3 top destinations but you will find unparalleled deals and packages across the entire Caribbean if you follow the links.


Somehow we always seem to end up in Jamaica as the ready  go-to- destination. After all she is in close proximity to North America, which means shorter flight times of just 4 hours hours from NYC 45 Minutes from FLL, more time on the beach, means more relaxation and time to enjoy your stay.

We like Jamaica because it offers a little bit of everything for everyone. We also like overnight flights from JFK that gives us a full day at work and a full day on the beach. No lost vacation days here-Way to Go Caribbean Airlines

If the high vibes of the music scene is your style- there are multitudes of reggae music festivals, night clubs and bars ranging from the racy to the risque across the island, but Kingston has the most offerings with something new always happening even more so during the winter  holidays. This is the best time to enjoy Jamaica. This is because the island isn't just flocked with visitors but also returning Jamaicans coming home for the holidays-lending an extra spirit of Joi de Viver and new energy to the already ultra charged atmosphere.

For those of us more tame creatures, there are certainly  more relaxed vibes to sooth your tattered soul after the long lines at check in and the most ferociously- invasive ordeal of  airport security.  Nevertheless, long after a visit to Jamaica-you will be certain of the fact that you are alive- conscious of your entitlement to a good happy life & appreciative of undying beauty on this planet- if nothing else.

Upon your return to your fabulous or not so fabulous life-you will be energized, rejuvenated and be fit to conquer anything that comes in your way, as you reflect over your delicious warm getaway.

From our well traveled experiences and deals database, here are some amazingly luxurious resorts in Jamaica willing to take you in for a steal.

Riu Ocho Rios

Riu Ocho Rios

We love RIU Resorts  with amazing properties all over the Caribbean from Cabo to Jamaica, you can say they know how to luxury travel  right.

RIU offers Amazing spas, activities and well appointed rooms with captivating views of the Caribbean sea and well manicured gardens.Delicious foods are all  standard fare but what we love the most about RIU is the accommodating Jamaican staff, making sure you get the most out of your vacation.

Case in point is the Riu Ocho Rios Jamaica, built with wowing you in mind, situated on a stately property lined with majestic palm trees and right outside of Ocho Rios but close enough to beautiful attractions such as Dolphin Cove, Mystic Mountain Bobsled and Dunns River Falls. You will be sure to satisfy your wanderlust here. If you hurry you can book this all inclusive beauty for only 122.00 USD per night

Spa at Moon Palace Jamaica Grand

Not far away in downtown Ocho Rios is the recently renovated Moon Palace Resort  

Moon Palace Jamaica Grand Ocho Rios  has always been one of my favorite hangout spots.long before she played host to the Real Housewives of Atlanta.- Back then in the Jamaica Grand Renaissance of my youth. I frequented her restaurants, her  lounges, her pools and luxuriated in her spas and world class hospitality.  The Jamaica Grand is where I learned all about luxury travel as a youth.

Now Reborn as the Moon Palace she still has her amazing private secluded cove and the inviting azure of the Caribbean Sea beyond the line of the private powdery white sand beach. Infatuated you say?-No.

I lover her, not only for her beauty and her abundant charms, world class spa, lagoon swimming pools,  flow rider, over water fire pit and dazzling architecture- but also because of her location.

Moon Palace is easily accessible to anything and anywhere in Downtown Ocho Rios by foot.

This location will come in handy if you are an adventerous spirit and not interested in renting a car-for you the possibilities are endless. There is the craft market, boat tours, countless bars, shopping and attraction adventures named above, there is also golfing close by and endless restaurants chiseled into the rock face from which you can watch the fish swim below and the rich Caribbean sunset far away as you dowse yourself in a Pina Colada or Red Stripe Beer.


I especially love tubing on the White River or a sunset raft  down the same. Bamboo rafting is a hidden gem that any local taxi driver will be willing to take you to the meeting point on a 10 minute drive outside the town in the direction of St. Mary, for less than 10 USD. Its not an easily navigated location once you get off the main road-so Taxi it is.

There, off the beaten path, up into the lush St. Ann greenery, around a few bends and down to the calm gentle river -you will find a forgotten oasis under the ancient red brick bridge, where the rafters come to relax while they wait for you.

A raft can be hired for approximately $20.00-30.00$USD for couples but the price is nothing in comparison for what you will encounter.

You will be skillfully navigated through the deeps and shallows of the  majestic curves and turns, as the bamboo trees softly dim the daylight while swaying in the gentle wind to a whistling tune above- you are quickly calmed by the chatter of whispering birds into a fairy land far away from your desk in NYC and any memory of anything vile that has ever happened to you.

Rafting down the white river towards the beach

Keep in mind-rafting is the birthplace of Caribbean Tourism- as was the way to transport bananas and coconuts to waiting ships. Visitors, wives and guests to plantations would be give rides to "tour" the land as a majestic way to understand why anyone sane would leave "civilization" in England or America for hot and unknown untested Jamaica.

Don't forget to ask your rafter to end your raft down at the beach..a hidden paradise from tourists, just past the estuary where the river quietly meets the beach and the local children come to play, swing  from trees and frolic on the golden sand. You may be lucky enough to get your hair braided or enjoy a local beach side massage.

Craving real Jamaican food? Do gorge at my favorite haunt- Moms restaurant. A tidy but small authentic little restaurant serving up Breakfast lunch and dinner to celebrities, politicians,visitors and locals alike. There is also Scotchies and the Jerk Center at the Ruins. Like Italian? Do take a quick trip up the mountain to Evita's for real authentic Italian flare with a light dusting of Jamaican flavors.

Blue Hole Ocho Rios

Don't forget to ask about the famous blue hole- a deep blue sapphire waterfall retreat up in the rain forest surrounded by hot pink ginger lilies and lush green trees ,where you can jump from sloping low rise rocks and swing from banyan trees into the cool rippling waters below.

If you are yearning for some culture, do visit the Seville Heritage Park-The birthplace of Jamaica's Western Civilization the ancient settlement where Columbus first landed in Jamaica over 500 years ago.

Moon Palace is a favorite and has everything you want to see beyond the resort walls-a real city, with real people living real lives. Be sure to check out additional offers on other tropical destinations from Palace Resorts Here

The Luxzzurious Sandals Ocho Rios-Photo Credit: Sandals Resorts


For the couples who are looking for a memorable and amazing getaway Sandals Resorts has unparalleled luxurious accommodations to indulge your amorous senses of romance and desire at unheard of prices of up to 60% off. You have the pick of 6 Caribbean Island getaways all with different tastes and flavours but all completely unforgettable.

Don't just sit there lusting-get your lover and go pack now!


Aside from the rythyms of the Buena Vista Social Club piped into my earphones giving me life, while writing this piece -Cuba before the travel ban was ever considered being lifted- has always hypnotized me as a place of untapped beauty and she will captivate you as well. Cuba is the most I-do-not-want-to-ever-leave, vacation you could ever wish for.

She has all that you could ever hope for.-Safety unparalleled. Beauty-unspoiled. Natives-Welcoming. History-Everywhere you look, Music? Eh?-Cuba  is the seat of Latin rhythm. Architecture-uncompromising, Cuisine? Ah fried Chicharrones y Mariquitas uno Cervezas La Tropical- Por Favor- and those beaches?


Whatever you do while in Cuba-do not miss Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena Beach in Cayo Largo. Secluded powder white sand, protruding sandbars and water as clear as the sky will give you the notion that you are on your very own private island. For a more up close and personal encounter with flamingos and turtles do visit Cayo Coco. Nearby is the luxzzurious 5 star, adult only-honeymoon ready Melia Cayo Coco 

For the uninitiated Cuban virgins- an authentic feel of real Cuban life one should consider a Cuban host family. You will learn so much and be well cared for. Casa Castelon is a great place to start. Another great website is Homestay.

For you spoiled brats in the bunch-present company included; who can't make it anywhere without the creature comforts of a luxury property- fear not Melia Buena Vista at Cayo Santa Maria a 5 star property with 3 restaurants and 2 pools is here to save us all.

Another must see in Cuba outside of Havana and Santiago is the Jardines Del Rey, the Garden of the Queen Coral Reef. Rightly named and befitting to unspoiled paradise as we can ever hope for on this planet. This is a great dive spot to see corals in their true unpolited, unbleached, untouced environment-get your Padi ready to go see the world!

In the very same area you will also find the Cueva del Jabali  amazing caves and grottos for exploring, Flamenco Beach for lovers and the Melia Jardines Del Rey, a family friendly 5 star resort in the heart of natural Cuba.


O.K. Its not the Caribbean, but with offers from Melia Resorts such as exclusive online bookings at of $1,500 USD to spend in hotel, free hotel transfers and free kids stays at the 5 star Melia Paradisus Los Cabos-It is very hard to say no to Mexico.

Melia's beauty at  Paradisus Los Cabos is our favorite Mexican Melia. She is  a 5 star  paradise for honeymooners, escapists, elopers, sun seekers and whale watchers that is the standard of what  luxury travel is about in Los Cabos.

Whale watching commences mid November-December just in time to escape the first winter's snow and is indeed a memorable and unforgettable a sight to behold. Whale Watch Cabo is our favorite encounter-just 15 minutes away from the Paradisus. check them out to reserve a tour you will never forget.

Whale Watching in Cabo San Lucas

Melia also has other worthy deals across the entire Caribbean Starting  from 107.00 USD per night. 

Whatever paradise you choose to escape to, the name of the game is book early, book now. Don't wait until you are knee deep in snow when all these deals are gone lock in a great price and go relax.

Where are some of your favorite Luxury Travel Destinations?  have any recommendations for us?

Share your favorites and don't forget to share this post!


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