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Suite 88 is the ideal online platform for destination based marketers and their resort or vacation related products and brands.

Our business is designed by travel marketers for travel marketers and deeper engagement with their globally based consumers.

We worked really hard at developing a platform around the conversation of travel marketing to create value and relevance for your brand. We are customer based with features and services designed for the needs of today’s travelers.

The end result is this  platform which brings value to all participants in an elegant, intelligent and attractive way.

Our platform offers these following unparalleled benefits to all our members please review them below.


  • EASILY plan your itinerary for any destination or purpose.
  • COMMUNITY centered around your needs, interests and curiosity.
  • AUTHENTICITY. Though we may not get to every single property in our database, we have an extremely high standard of quality to ensure we are sending you to a memorable and enjoyable destination. How do we do this? With almost 2 decades as travel agents and 30 years traveling internationally has taught us what to look for in good destination services and quality amenities. Therefore we blog, review and promote properties, products and services that we engage with in a variety of ways to meet your expectations. Our engaged clients are hand-picked not just for you but also by and for us.
  • SAVE your vacation as a collection or a favorite to be able to plan out a detailed travel itinerary.
  • DEALS are available and priced specifically for us by our vendor suppliers.
  • ELECTRONIC TRAVEL GIFTS are available-which means you can be gifted all or some of your fantasy vacation from family and friends.



  • INFLUENCER DRIVEN PLATFORM-Get shared by key bloggers with real followers and verified social media accounts. No bots, fake likes or share factories to mystify your conversion rates.
  • MORE ATTRACTIVE positioning than banners, ads or links
  • DIRECT SALES, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, E-mail Marketing and Search Engine Optimization all in once place.
  • VISIBILITY AND RELEVANCY, always be seen-blogs and galleries are never removed.
  • AFFORDABILITY-Membership rates are far less expensive than typical PPC agencies.
  • GREATER potential for instant bookings.
  • PROFESSIONAL members are able to create blogs around their products or services, create stores and create native advertisements for more consistent outcomes and conversions.
  • ONBOARDING support.  We will assist you to set up your online shop if needed and If you have 5 or more properties or services we can assist you with importing your items for free.



  • SHARED Commissions on Sales-Open a store, market our products and share 30% of our commissions paid directly into your Paypal.
  • POINTS EARNED for Actions with your own deep link tracking  to earn points on sharing, postings, referral signups for professional accounts or cash them out for travel perks.
  • COMMUNITY effect to bring more attention to your blogs, posts and social network-there is strength in numbers.
  • NO MEMBERSHIP FEES or Hidden Fees.
  • POTENTIAL FOR TRAVEL EXPERIENCES* We can’t be everywhere all the time, after all-someone has to stay at the office and mind the shop. You have the potential of becoming our eyes, ears and yes cameraman  and authentic writer as we connect you to the most exciting properties in the world. (This offer is based solely on demand, property requests your followers and your web engagement level.)


These are just a few of our benefits, to see our site features please click below.

See our full feature list here

Our multi-vendor platform is designed to bring you more sales and conversions as it is attracts more buyers with similar interests to your brand.

We also support your social media promotions and web advertising through engaging content.

See our Social Promotion Schedule here

For more daily visibility and higher conversion rates, members may also reserve space in the Suite 88 daily Newsletter

If there is a service that you would like our support on, please review our full offerings and contact us here.



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